Our Services

Infrastructure:   “Building the Roads to the Future”

Good infrastructure is essential for a thriving economy. Windward Roads has broad expertise in the development and execution of infrastructural projects. The construction of roads, driveways and roundabouts either in asphalt or concrete, and the execution of all related items such as drainage and utilities, is part of our daily business.
Projects include the complete realization of pavements, excavations, utilities and general infrastructure.

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Harbour & Marine Construction:   All-round in Water Works”

Windward Roads takes pride in having been part of the development of the main cruise and cargo port in the Eastern Caribbean region and the large, and continuously growing, yachting industry on Sint Maarten. Windward Roads has been involved for years in the realization of many facilities in this industry. Various mega yacht facilities, piers, quays, small docks and mooring facilities are projects Windward Roads has completed.

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General Construction:   “Masters in Consistency”

Windward Roads specializes in the construction of commercial and residential structures, often combined with infrastructural works. On Sint Maarten and on neighboring islands, Windward Roads has successfully completed some significantly challenging projects. With years of experience and expertise, supported by the best equipment and technological innovations, Windward Roads guarantees quality, professionalism and consistency.

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Design & Build:   “From Concept to Reality”

Windward Roads has a broad experience in Design and Build projects. For commercial and residential projects a complete coordination from start to completion is highly recommended. With the comprehensive knowledge in the field of construction, supported by a great network of partner companies, Windward Roads can execute the project according to the specifications stipulated by the client. Attention to detail, time management, logistics and budget management are just a few things to be taken into account when considering the benefits of having a team of professional engineers heading up your project. Windward Roads can provide you with a stress- and hassle-free project.

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Maintenance & Management:   “Consistency in All Phases”

Windward Roads executes Maintenance & Management for government, semi-government and residential facilities. The Maintenance & Management projects range from sewage treatment plants, sanitary landfills and private facilities. With our know-how and expertise we can assure that the daily processes of these facilities can continue in good order.
In close corporation with the client the activities are monitored, reported and if necessary actions will be taken. Consistency and reliability at all times with Windward Roads.

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