Upgrade Captain Hodge Pier

Upgrade Captain Hodge Pier
While the Frontstreet and the Boardwalk in Philipsburg were being updated, the Captain Hodge Pier got a metamorphosis. Windward Roads was responsible for the extension of the pier and the construction of a commercial building on top of the new deck.
This to facilitate the tourist office , tourism police, ATM boots and toilet facilities.
Next to the building a playground was constructed assimilating a huge pirate ship.

Sint Maarten Port Authority N.V.

Windward Roads
Independent Consulting Engineers N.V.
Miller Legg International

Sint Maarten Harbour Holding Company

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
9 months

Project Facts:
  • 190 m2 Commercial area
  • 42 pc steel piles
  • 585 m2 precast floor elements
  • 33 pc concrete beams