St. Johns Subdivision


St. Johns Subdivision phase II

Windward Roads was contracted by St. Johns Estates N.V. for the infrastructure of the “St. John’s Subdivision Phase II” development project. The project is located at the west side area of St. John’s Estate, at the feet of Sentry Hill and St. Peter Hill. Windward Roads prepared the terrain for the new infrastructure. After the foundation was prepared, the curbs were installed. Windward Roads realized a new fiber reinforced concrete road , sewerage and drainage gutters. The installation of several utilities and landscaping was part of the works as well. By the end of May 2016 the project was ready for further development.

St. Johns Estates N.V.

Financed by:
St. Johns Estates N.V.

Design & Coordination:
Independent Consultant Engineers & Kraai Consult N.V.

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
9 months

Project Facts:

  • 3000 m3 excavation
  • 2.000 m2 concrete pavement