Renovation Roof L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium

Renovation Roof L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium
For the Foundation Upkeep Sport Facilities, Windward Roads executed the renovation of the roof of this sports complex also known as the
Great Bay Sports Auditorium.
The project involved the erection of a steel structure installed on the existing trusses and changing the flat into a roof pitched roof.
The assignment also included the replacement of the existing sports floor.
Together with the sub-contractors and good preparation of the works, Windward Roads managed to complete this project to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Foundation Upkeep Sport Facilities

Structural Engineer:
Independent Consulting Engineers N.V.

Hismar N.V.

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
5 months

Project Facts:
  • 40 metric ton steel structure
  • 1.460 m2 roof finishing
  • 650 m2 multipurpose sports flooring