Osborne (Midas) Roundabout

Osborne (Midas) Roundabout
The Osborne Roundabout, was created to improve the traffic coming from the Philipsburg direction at the intersection towards the airport and the Colebay area/French side.
An existing building was demolished in order to allocate the new roundabout.
Although a part of the project could be executed alongside the existing roundabout roads, temporary traffic diversions were inevitable.
Thanks to a good cooperation between Public Works, the traffic police and Windward Roads, the project could be delivered in time and without too many hazards to the public.

Ministry Social Housing Spatial Development Environment and Infrastructure

Financed by:
USONA (Dutch Development Fund)

Design & Coordination:
Independent Consultant Engineers

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
5 months

Project Facts:
  • 2.625 m2 asphalt pavement
  • 1.100 m2 brick pavement
  • 56 m1 culvert
  • 1.080 m1 curbs