New Quay Fort Bay Harbour Saba

New Quay Fort Bay Harbour Saba
Windward Roads realized the construction of the various improvements in Fort Bay harbour.
A new quay wall with boat ramp and a retaining wall for falling rock protection were constructed.
On site prefabricated elements were used for the construction of the quay wall and boat ramp together with the underwater concreting.
Today this facility is in full use by visitors and the residents of Saba.

The Island Territory of Saba

Financed by:
USONA (Dutch Development Fund)

Lievense Consulting Engineers N.V.

Lievense Consulting Engineers N.V.
Planning Bureau Saba

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
10 months

Project Facts:
  • 44 m1 quay wall
  • 27 pc precast quay wall elements
  • 46 m1 retaining wall
  • 230 m2 boat ramp