Expansion Floodgates


Expansion of the floodgates

For the Government of Sint Maarten, Windward Roads realized the Design & Build project “Expansion of the Floodgates”. The project was necessary as the existing floodgates had passed their lifetime. After the design and engineering was done Windward Roads prefabricated several culvert elements to minimize the disturbance of traffic during execution. Between Friday night and Sunday night the existing floodgates where demolished, the ground works were executed  so that the road was open on Monday again. Hereafter the rest of  the asphalt and concrete works were finalized and the electrical part of the floodgates was installed. In case of emerengcy, all floodgates can be automatically opened to let water flow from the Fresh Pond to the Salt Pond (water buffer).

Government of Sint Maarten

Financed by:
Government of Sint Maarten

Design by:
Windward Roads B.V.

Design by:
Government of Sint Maarten, represented by the Ministry of VROMI

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
8 months

Project Facts:

  • 350 m3 concrete
  • 4 full automatic floodgates