Cupecoy Yacht Club Marina

Cupecoy Yacht Club Marina
For the development of Cupecoy Yacht Club Windward Roads realized the complete marina related works as well as the installation of the storm water line system of the village.
The scope of work consisted of the following parts:
- the construction of a large coping beam
- dredging of the marina by excavation
- construction of 3 mega yacht jetties
- the construction of 20 finger jetties
- the construction of an access pier
- the installation of a storm water system.
The majority of the works were executed in-situ where as for the mega yacht piers prefabricated concrete elements have been used.

Cupecoy Village Development N.V.


C.I.E.C. Engineering S.A.

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
22 months

Project Facts:
  • 2 pc mega yacht pier 160 ft
  • 1 pc mega yacht pier 126 ft
  • 4 pc finger jetties 40 ft
  • 16 pc finger jetties 30 ft
  • 1 pc access pier 236 ft
  • 425 m1 capping beam
  • 98.000 m3 marina excavation
  • 2.320 m1 storm water system
  • 132 pc steel piles