Breakwater Bridge

Breakwater Bridge
For the Government of Sint Maarten Windward Roads realized the Design & Build project "Breakwater Bridge".
To improve the drain capacity of the Fresh Pond in case of heavy rainfall, the channel between the Fresh Pond and the sea had to be widened this together with the renewal of the existing bridge.
The existing channel was dredged to expand the outflow capacity.
Due to the upcoming tourist season the time frame wherein the works had to be executed was limited.
As the bridge is part of one of the main roads on the island, a traffic diversion was created.
The bridge was constructed by using 18 meter long pre-stressed elements combined with an in situ poured concrete deck and finished with asphalt. Retaining walls were installed on both sides of the channel and constructed in situ.

Sint Maarten Government

Financed by:  
USONA (Dutch Development Funds)

Lievense Consulting Engineers N.V.

Windward Roads

Construction Period:

Project Duration:
5 months

Project Facts:
  • 18 m1 clearspan concrete elements
  • 360 m1 retaining wall